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Creating or ordering a wine label for your homemade wine or liquor to give as a gift is something that might be outside your comfort zone, but it doesn’t have to be! You may assume that ordering a label is a one – click choice and that you can receive it in the mail, then peel and stick for a hassle-free experience.

Well, we can help you have that experience with just a little pre-planning.  Whether you are labeling your first batch of homemade wine and spirits or purchasing a favorite ready to serve bottle and are wanting to add a custom label for a special occasion like a Wedding, Anniversary, New Baby or House Warming it is essential that you choose the right size label for your bottle to avoid creasing and wrinkling.


When buying wine as a gift you may want to add your own label.  You have two choices: you can slap a label over the existing one or what we recommend is to remove the original label and add your own made to fit label. (see below suggestions for removing labels)

If you want to put yours over the original, make sure it has a smooth label with no wrinkles because that will affect whatever you put over it and it will need to be at least an 1/8 larger than the one on your bottle to cover it completely. You really need to measure the one on there, top to bottom and side to side and add 1/8 inch to ensure it will cover the original label. 

The straight body 750ml wine bottles typically take a 4x6 vertical rectangle.

To Remove Old Labels:

You can use Goo-Gone or Oxy Clean ( saturate with a sponge, then use a hard plastic scraper or credit card to remove label and residue, wash with soap and water, dry and apply your new labels.

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